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Peragon "Titan Group Buy" discount/rebate.

I followed up with Peragon regarding the possibility of a group buy.
Heath (Peragon) offered the following:

We do now have covers for both the King Cab and Crew Cab versions. Just so you know, our cover will not work with the Utili-Track system. If a Titan has it, it will need to be removed to install our cover. Also, right now with our special price promotion, our production is sold out 6 weeks in advance. So there will be a wait to receive any covers ordered. We do not bill the credit card until the cover is ready to ship.

For a group buy, the discount will come in the form of a rebate credit after the correct number of orders has been received to achieve the group buy level. If not enough orders are received to qualify for the group buy, then no rebates will be issued. The orders will be taken at full price and will be subject to our normal sales policies. Each person ordering will need to specify that their order is part of the Titan Group Buy and we will then flag their order for that deal. The price for the cover is $499 plus $75 shipping to the lower 48 - that's a total of $574. The rebate amounts below will be deducted from that total. Orders to Canada add $50 shipping. Orders to Alaska or Hawaii add $100 shipping. We don't ship anywhere else.

Level 1: (3) Orders - $25 Rebate
Level 2: (5) Orders - $35 Rebate
Level 3: (10) Orders - $50 Rebate

Let me know if you have any questions!
- Heath' Peragon Support [[email protected]]

I'm out, as I broke down on Friday and bought a simple roll-up type cover. I decided that it would suit my needs for now.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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