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Those that upgraded to an 08....

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What year did you have before and give me your views on what impressed you the most from the old to the new Titan. Likes and dislikes...if there are any.
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I went from an '04 to an '08, and I really like the improvements to the cloth seat material and HVAC controls!
before my '08; I suffered thru an '04 HD and an '03 1500 Chevy and they both sucked so superhardcore that ANY year Titan would be vast improvement over 'dey junky canadian asses.

Die rat bastid Chebby Die. I hate GM.
I went from an 04 Titan CC 4X4 to an 08 cc PRO-4X LWB. The overall truck is the same except now the brakes are MUCH bigger and stronger, engine power is smoother with VVT (although power management keeps it from hitting WOT from a stop) and the truck is much quieter and better put together. The PRO-4X model has some very cool interior upgrades.
The blower fan is much stronger in the 08 vs the 04, fit, finish and materials are now more upscale...even if the overall design hasn't changed all that much. New instrument cluster layout with INFO center is a plus. The new seats are more comfortable and supportive and are now covered in a more durable fabric.
The 08 is really what the original should have been from the start. A major step up in quality is quite evident.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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