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Those with Osiris...several questions.

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I was on the Uprev web site reading up on this product and just seeing the advantages on it. Its pretty much the only progammer avaiblable for our trucks.

First things first, how do you like it?
Is it worth the $700?
What are the gains you have seen on the track with a custome tune?
When you data log, do you send out the data to Uprev to get a custom map?
When you turn the truck off, does it switch back to the stock map?
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dawgs77 said:
Brace come on up for the October 14th Truck only drags in Sacramento man!!!

How does it work...well I just got my Titan to run 14.24 in the 1/4 mile.

Osiris is the bomb man!!! You get a generic tune....and run some logs with Cipher....send these logs to UpRev and they bring everything a little closer to the parameters they wish to run at.

I've made several changes to mine so far and it has all been for the greater good of my times.
I would make it if it were a Saturday but a Sunday...I would have work the next morning....I wish I could make it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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