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I was thinking of doing rear airbags and Bilstein 5100's on the middle perch for the front. Thoughts on appearance, ride and what maximum tire size would I be able to clear. Anyone running this set up currently? Fire away with your comments. Thanks in advance guys.
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Air bags to lift the rear? It would ride like a buckboard wagon.
Air bags are intended for towing and heavy loads. If you want to lift the rear just do blocks.
I do have three trailers that I tow. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. Lol. I run bags on my Dmax. As long as I don't add to much pressure, it rides nice.
There isn't much change, unless you jack up the rear with bags. More than 5 lbs or so = pogo stick.
Ya I have airlift bags and leave them at 5 psi. No diff in ride. They are great for towing and heavy stuff in the bed. Keeps me level no matter what. They also soften as you load up, so the ride doesn't get stiffer. Also, I don't know that you'll really need to lift the rear with the bils.

Anyway, blocks are cheap. I bought a set off someone here for $60 shipped. You can run both blocks and bags at the same time.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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