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I have driven all the full sized trucks except the Chevy/GMC, I just don't like them.

The first truck I drove was the Ram Hemi. I liked that you can get 4 full doors and a 6.5 ft bed. I like the body styling too. 345 hp sounds impressive, but it didn't feel like 345 hp should. I drove the 4x4. My wife went with me to drive that truck and she was also disappointed with the performance. Marketing made such a big deal out the the Hemi and it was nothing but hype.

Then I drove the F-150, which has a nice bodystyle, but the interior is awesome! Ford's big claim for the Triton was the torque. I thought "OK, low-end torque is a good thing. Maybe that's why the Hemi wasn't impressive." Well, I wasn't thrilled with the performance of the F-150 either.

Drove a Tundra Double Cab. I liked the fact that it had 4 full doors and a full bed. I was expecting to be completely disappointed by the performance because 300hp and 345 hp didn't do much, how could 240 hp compare? Well, I was impressed when comparing it to the previous two trucks! So, out the 3, this was the one.

Then along came the Titan. This is the performance I was expecting! The only drawback is, you can't get a full size bed with the crew cab. Everything else about the Titan can bring me to overlook that. Great truck, I can't wait to own one! As far as comparing it to the Hemi, If you compare the configurations that I have been looking at (4x4, 4 doors) the Hemi can't compete.
1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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