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Throttle Body Spacer Question

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I was just wondering what exactly the throttle body spacer does.
It claims it gives 2-4 mpg as well as 5 hp....any truth behind this?

If anybody has purchased one, what are your feelings about it?

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007KING said:
do u think it's better to stay within one company for the TBS and Intake, kinda like matched components. Or does it even make a difference, lets say like i buy a Volant CAI and use a helix or some other company other than a volant cuz i dont even think volant makes a TBS.?? I wanna get one also but have no idea what benefits come from a TBS and WHich one shows the most Benefits in hp and torque?? any help greatly appreciated

I have a 04 4X4 with a Injen Intake that is awsome and a flowmaster exaust. I just put a airid throttle body spacer ( poweraid ) and feel little gain. It does make a wisle sound about 2000rpm but thats it. It's worth it if you like adding mods to your truck but I'm sure you don't have to stay with the some brand. If looking for a good intake I would definatly recomend injen Intake. It gave me a reel noticeable hp & tq gain. The throttle body spacer just complamented the intake.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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