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Throttle Body Spacer Question

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I was just wondering what exactly the throttle body spacer does.
It claims it gives 2-4 mpg as well as 5 hp....any truth behind this?

If anybody has purchased one, what are your feelings about it?

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I think the spacing issue shows up at the radiator, if we're talking about the same thing. There's very little clearance there and some have had to "trim" their intake tubes, so the conflict is between the tube and the radiator, they just trim the tube where it is most feasable which is at the opening of the throttle body. The guys that make these tubes make them on stock applications and use all the space that is available to straighten bends and so forth, so when you go back with a spacer and kill an inch of that space, this conflict can arise.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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