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Throttle Body Spacer Question

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I was just wondering what exactly the throttle body spacer does.
It claims it gives 2-4 mpg as well as 5 hp....any truth behind this?

If anybody has purchased one, what are your feelings about it?

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well i got a catback exhuast i put on a airaid intake like 3 weeks ago felt alot of difference then i put the airaid throttle body spacer a 2weeks ago and felt a big difference on that as well im not sure if it does much on its own but it made a big difference with mine i think you get even more horsepower wihen you combine the mods i noticed better shifting and way faster respons from the pedal for a 100 bucks its deffinatly worth it and its easy to install
you can deffinatly hear the whistle but its really not that loud and you get used to it i got the airaid becuase the shows a dyno of the gains
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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