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Throttle Body Spacer Question

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I was just wondering what exactly the throttle body spacer does.
It claims it gives 2-4 mpg as well as 5 hp....any truth behind this?

If anybody has purchased one, what are your feelings about it?

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I have the helix and after installing it in all 4 possible positions, I removed it. I could not tolerate the whistle. It soundsed like I had a squeaky belt all of the time. I like performance mods, but I also have to put clients in my truck on a daily basis and there is just no way I could listen to the whistle or expect them to listen to it either. It did seem like it made a difference but it wasn't worth it to me. I will sell mine to anyone that wants it. PM me.
mng777777 said:
I will sell mine to anyone that wants it. PM me.
I sold it so don't PM me anymore.
There is no specific answer to the spacing issue question, other than it's a case by case basis. It depends on which intake and which spacer you have. It is however, very easy to fix, as mentioned above. Simply take a hack saw and trim a 1/2 inch from your intake tube. It will go right into place and should function just the same. Less is more when trimming as too much can point the filter at too much of an angle to still fit if you ever remove your spacer. At least make sure you plan to keep the spacer before you cut away all of you intake.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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