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Throttle Body Spacer?

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On the Titans do these actually improve the low end torque? Theres always people that say yes, and people that say no. Have there been any dynos with just the spacer put on to see if there was any difference in torque?
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This might help, it's a response for the same question I had for AIRAID.

"None of our throttle body spacers affect your manufactures warranty. For more information on how aftermarket products and your warranty work please visit and search for the “Magnusson-Moss” act.

We do not have dyno sheets on our spacers, we do dyno them however each spacer is a little different due to the vehicle. Our spacers are designed to be a low to mid-range torque improver. You will notice increased torque from off idle to around 2500 rpm, crisper throttle response throughout the RPM range, and depending on how heavy your right foot is our customer feedback reports between a 1-3mpg increase. As for horsepower you will see a 7-10hp increase; however that is not an increase you are going to feel in the seat of your pants. You will though definitely feel the increase in torque.


Brian Paravicini

AIRAID Filter Company

2688 E. Rose Garden Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85050"
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I've read on this board that the only thing TBS's do is increase suction noise. Most people have stated that they are nothing but snake oil.
Personally I think the throttle body spacers would hurt the engine moreso in the long-run than benefit it...
Wasted money in my opinion.
I picked one up used for $40 on ebay (poweraid)...not worth $110, but its hard to tell if there really is any gains, i wouldnt be surprised if there was a small gain, but nothing u can REALLY sounds cool, i would have taken it off it whistled too much but its not very noticeable but when you do kinda hear it it sounds nice to me...just food for thought
someone told me it makes a whistle sound is this true?
Black-T said:
someone told me it makes a whistle sound is this true?
yep. says so on the box. see my for sale if you want to try it
i have a airaid intake and it whistles but my flowmasters are too loud for bystanders to hear it lol
I ended up taking mine off when I saw that it didn't seal well with the gasket. It was noisy and I didn't notice any mpg or power gains anyway. I'll find out if it made a difference the next time I hit the track.
ya i got the poweraid one and it does not really do anything. its just one of those cheap mods that you can say you have and it has the cool wistle sound which makes it even cooler ahahah
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