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tick,rattle, squeak

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Ever since I bought my '04 Titan there was always this ticking/rattling/squeaking sound coming from the doors when going down a bumpy road. After searching through this forum and doing a bunch of trials and error troubleshooting, I finally discovered this past summer that it is the weatherstrip around the door jambs that makes contact with the door. I think the door moves and flexes and rubs against weatherstrip causing this issue.

My fix was to spray silicone lubricant on the weatherstrip and wipe it down with a rag. This eliminated all of the ticking noise, rattles and squeaks I was hearing. Problem is, it is only a short term solution. After about 2 months the weatherstrip dries up and the noises are back. Does anyone know if Nissan upgrade the material the weatherstrip is made of or is there a permanent solution?
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I have the same problem on my 05. I have a post in the problem section and the silicon spray was the fix. I would be curious if the stripping was upgraded in 06+ models.
Light bulb vaporizer
I've thought about putting felt tape around the perimeter of the door and see if that helps. But if Nissan has changed the weatherstripping material I would prefer to do that instead.

Also, look around your door edges. The weatherstrip has actually rubbed off the paint on mine.
My 06 dosent have that issue however I have noticed rattleing noises which I have pinned down to coming from the buttons for the power mirrors.
I might have had some of the problems you guys are talking about. My solution was to keep my foot to the firewall so the sound of the motor drowns everything else out. It's a smooth relaxing sound that just takes you away.:cheers:
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Noise and rattles were never an issue in my 04...surprisingly. I'd just stick to the dry silicone spray every so often.
HudsonValleyTitan said:
Noise and rattles were never an issue in my 04...surprisingly. I'd just stick to the dry silicone spray every so often.
I do the same.Easier than fooling with the dealership that's 90 miles away for me.
I used shin-etzu (spelling?) grease on my S2000 convertible top seals. It worked really well and I only needed to clean and re-apply twice a year or so. It's not a permanant fix but may work better than what you are currently using.

It comes in a little tube, picked it up from the Honda dealer.
There is some soft seal conditioner made by Zymol that works pretty well for that (had same issue on my wife's Odyssey). You still have to apply it about every six months and it is expensive - $30/bottle.
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