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HI All,

Appreciate opinions on upcoming tires. I have a low mileage (130k) 08 Crew, big tow, 20" factory P275/60R20 currently. I also have the front lifted 2" and 2" in rear to maintain towing Rake. Bilsteins all around. Has Axle vent kit etc. Its been babied, only towing in its life was a bit last summer, with a smaller boat.

This truck only runs on weekends in spring/summer for the most part, when putting my boat in the water. Maybe 3 round trips/Month. Ramps range from 10mi to 50 miles each way. A newer Boat/motor/Trailer (wet, with fuel gear-Everything) is appx 7500. Otherwise just a couple errands during the week...Not my daily driver.

I really like the comfortable ride with the current P series tires. Do you guys think going with the same 20" P-series is ok given the above conditions? Or should I go with the Harsher LT higher Ply truck tires? Alot of those "LT" tires are also All Terrain which I dont need as the truck is always on flat highways. Plus alot more money, and I dont necessarily need/want the look of All Terr tires.

Appreciate the input.
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