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Seems like this has been asked before but after searching I want my own response....I am a bit of a rook.

GOAL: To make a more aggressive look as well as improve performance while going to the snow, doing light off roading and functioning as a daily driver.No major rubbing issues.

What I like/want: PRG Mini lift, Moto Metal 951 18inch, 35in tires

Truck: 2005 Titian LE 4x4 Stock

Questions I need help with:

What PRG Mini lift to get?

What offset to get for MM951?

Will 35" rub with mini lift?

Do I need to do PWM?

Size of nitto terrra grapplers?

Things I need to consider?

Thanks a lot for your time and input! All suggestion welcome (tires, rim size, ect.) Pics are always good. Again thanks.


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For an '05 4x4 you would want 2" front, but it will still leave some rake. The 1" rear block will add rake back. To avoid UCA to coil bucket contact, you could get some of the lift from coil preload. Get Bilstein 5100 struts and set them on the middle spring perch for 1.5" preload lift and get the 1.5" PRG spacer which will give you a total of around 2.75 without cb contact.
The +18mm offset will give 5.71" backspacing and the outside of the rim will stick out about 3/4" more than stock, if you go with the -12mm, 4.5" backspacing they'll stick out 2" more than stock you will rub with a 33. The 5.71 is still worse for fitting big tires than the stock though.
A 35 will need the pinch weld even on stock rims. Trimming will be much worse with the 9" with 5.71" backspacing because of the width. Don't even try the 4.5" backspacing version unless you have a 6" lift, and you might still have to trim.

With a 2.5" PRG leveling kit, (I have aftermarket UCA's which clear the cb better than the stock ones do), and wheel that stick out 1" more than stock, I had to trim to fit 34.0" tires. See link in my sig to Black Rock Viper thread with pics, (1st one is at 2.5"). Also, see link in my sig to the Pinch Weld Mod, [tires only rub when turning].

The other issue is lack of gear availability for the 4x4's front diff. Coming soon but ....
I have the 3.36 BT/OR gears and with 34's my torque converter doesn't lock up into overdrive right away when it should after reaching speed. Not a big deal but hopefully this doesn't cause something in there to wear out. With the 2.94 gears 35's will not only cause lockup to take longer, but even slight grades will cause it to unlock. I didn't have this issue with my old 33.5" Toyo M/T's, so my next tires will be around that. I knew that one member had this issue with 34.5" tires, so I thought I'd be o.k. at 34, but I was wrong.

But if the tc issue doesn't bother you, about the biggest you could fit with the pwm is the LT295/70R18 which is 34.4".
On the stock rim, the 34.88" LT325/65R18 has been done with the pwm, but it might be too much with the rim sticking out 3/4". Toyo just came out with a 34.1" LT285/70R18 in their M/T.

I like the BFG A/T KO size of LT305/65R18 which is a 33.7", and the Toyo M/T in a 33.6" LT275/70R18, the Trail Grappler M/T is also 33.6" in this size.
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