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Time to change the timing chain, does the pan need to drop?

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2005 4X4 Titan

I believe in PM and I am planning to change my timing chain and guides, tensioners. Before this turns into a "you never have to change the chain, only timing belts" thread.... I AM GOING TO CHANGE IT. Those who say it is not necessary have either low miles, or are lucky to not have had the joy of being on the side of the road.

I will agree that the chain is not what wears out but rather the guides. And for that reason I am going to change all the moving parts.

I have 150k on the truck now, my frontier had 189k before the tension guide wore through and the chain wore into the tensioner itself. That was an extra 300 for the valves and valve job. Sad thing is the truck got me home, but I bent everything when I was doing a compression check just turning the engine with the starter. Guess when I shut it off it jumped another couple teeth.

Anyhow, back to the Titan, do I need to drop the oil pan like needed on the frontier to get the front cover off?

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yes you need to drop both oil pans to access the bolts that thread into the timing cover from the oil pan. what year was your frontier?
It was a 98. I drove it until 205k and then 5th and reverse decided to take a permanent vacation. I didn't feel like working on it and sold it. DUMB DUMB. man I wish I would have thrown a tranny in it.
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