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Timing advance

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where do you get the timing advance from
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I believe Sears was having a sale on timing advance :jester:. You can get the timing advace at you local dealership.
Some dealerships will perform the timing advance and some won't. There is a sticky with the names of those individuals who will help out as well.
Actually they're on sale for 30% off but it was for a craftsman riding mower i dont think its compatible with my Titan but it was compatible with ptitan. If u check your Sunday paper you can get the I'm a jackass discount as well!
:hahafu: ....I got it at K-Mart. It's real nice.
Just kiddin man.....

I see you have an 08' Make sure you bring these directions with you when you find a dealership willing to do it.....

Tricky cause our Consult 3 did not have 08 options so i accessed through a
2007 350 z
After consult3 has connected to car :
1. Press Wrench sign upper Right side of screen.
2. Press ECM/Wrench sign just below Large Wrench sign
3. Press Engine / OK
4. Work Support
5. Engine timing at bottom of list
6. Fallow prompts to +2
!!!!!! make sure they actual hit the UP-DATE BUTTON !!!!!!
or it will not save..
Make sure engine is at normal operating temp. & also good to reset
Idle air volume relearn to @ 650 rpm with a/c off & steering wheel straight..
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