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Tire and Suspension questions

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Hey everyone, im very new to the truck and 4wd world. I owned a Jeep Wrangler for awhile, but this is a new world to me. I wanted to buy a truck because i have sport bikes and needed something to transport, and after driving every truck around, i fell in love with the titan, and picked up an 04 Titan Crew Cab SE.

Im very interested in lifting the truck, justa little bit, maybe 1.5 or 2 inches. Now I may start with some tires first, but dont know where I should go. Size wise. The truck right now has 285/70/17 on it, and figured maybe justa little bit bigger would make me happy for a few days before i go with a lift. First question is what size tire can I fit on the factory 17 in ch wheel, with no lift, with no rubbing issues??

Second question, is a 1.5 inch level lift going to satisfy me, or should i actually do something else?? Or what d oyou all recommend?
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You're 4WD, so you can do up to a 2" level kit. Start with that. You can find them used around here for a pretty decent price. With that, you should be able to tuck 35's under your truck. If you don't think 2" kit is enough, look at the 4" spindle with a 2" rear block. Still pretty inexpensive, though everything is relative.

As for what you can fit under it stock, check out this thread. There's a tire fitment page in there somewhere.
he's 4wd, can't do the 4" spindle......

leveling kit is always a good start, or the mini-lift if you want the stock look only a little higher
Yup, my bad.
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