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Tire gauge

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Anybody carry a tire pressure guage in there titan to check air pressure when the warning light goes on? If so what kind do you use?
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I's just one of the standard pen-type with the plunger that extends to show the pressure. I gave my wife one of the digital ones for her car since I figured it would be easier for her to use.
I got a decent digital one. I check the tire pressure in both vehicles the first of every month. It does reside in the Titan.
I carry a stick kind from Campbell Hausfield, my wife has a dial type that stays on the registered pressure until you reset it, kinda nicer I think. Don't know the brand though.
Yup, there's always on in it. And one at the house with the other air tools. Dial type at home, stick type in the Titan. Don't know what brands either of them are though!
Dial type with a heavy brass body, sold at local store. may be a victor, not sure, some well known old brand I trust. Always carry it in the Toolbox.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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