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Tire problem

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I have a set of Nitto Terra Grappler 33x12.50-20 they had a steering wheel shake between 40-50 mph. I had the shop balance them again yesterday, and after about 15-20 min. of driving the steering wheels started to shake again. any ideas what could be going on? i am leaving tonight and driving 5 hrs to so-cal and i would like to fix the problem.

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Well, if it's not the tires, it may be the front rotors. Do you have any shaking while braking? If they are warped, they will hit the pads/calipers upon each tire revolution. I would also check the other front end suspension components. CV joints or worn ball joints can also cause this. Check your steering linkage and tierod endlinks. The bushings may be worn as well.
I don't know if there is any truth to the matter, but I have heard shops tell people that their belt slipped???? Possible...I dunno.
How many miles on your tires? Are they cupped or showing unusual wear? Have you tried rotating them? Or maybe some dirt built up inside the wheel? If they didn't clean them completely you will get that problem and it will change as the dirt falls off or builds up.
There are a lot of things it could be here's a few to check in your wheel and tire assembly. There might also be a problem with your suspension. (you could narrow this down quickly by putting your OE tires and wheels back on to see if they vibrate also)

Are your wheels hub centric? If not get a hub ring.

Does the shop tighten the lugs back on your truck by hand or do they use an air gun? Hand tightening is better, it gives the wheel a change to move into place as the lugs are tightened. Air gun often torque the wheels down off center.

Do you hit the gas hard right after a balance. If the shop has dismounted and remounted the tires it will take about 24 hours for the tire to seat fully and stick. Tire lube that helps the mechanic in mounting can cause the tire to slip in the wheel if you gun it right after the tires are mounted. If the tire moves within the wheel the balance will be knocked off.

Are you using the proper after market lugs with your after market wheels? Most of the time the OE lugs won't work on After market wheels and should be replaced.

Good luck.
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