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Tire question?

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will 33x12.5x18 fit a stock 08 se?
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really? I'm putting a leveling kit but my tires will be here first and I was affraid they would rub.
you will be ok
Here, this is a ClubArmada member running 33x12.5-18 Toyo M/T's on stock wheels at stock height with no lift at all on his 2005 SE. They will work on any of our rigs just fine with no rubbing anywhere.


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appreciate the input. I'll let u know what happens.
Tires here. Nitto mudgrapler. Hope they fit.
2big4u said:
Tires here. Nitto mudgrapler. Hope they fit.
I have a leveling kit with 35's and they fit, with little rubbing, so yours should fit perfect

No rubbing now that i did a pinch-weld-mod
Tires are the exact same height as my stock tires. :D Just a little wider. Got the leveling kit and I think its the best bang for the buck. Maybe i should have gotten 35's. Oh well I'm very pleased anyway. :clap:
The 35's will require the Pinch-Weld Mod with the Leveling Kit. Maybe next round, heh?? :D Personally, the 33's have been just fine for me.
Soooooo, since I'm a total novice when it comes to tires, I have 5 questions for you my Titan brothers.
1. What size are the stock Goodyears? I have an '07 SE
2. Does the number 33 refer to the tires height?
3. Why would I want 33's?
4. Is there any difference in pricing? say...are the 33's for some reason cheaper?

Thanks brotherhood!
33 is the diameter. My stock tires were closer to 32". The reason for stepping up to 33's or 35's is to get a little more ground clearance and you can also get 12" wide tread for better traction. Larger sizes usually cost a little more.
Beautiful....Thanks a bunch
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