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Tire replacement

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I may replace my stock tires and go with th following. Has any one had any experience with these tires?

Cooper Discoverer ATR
All Season Off-Road All-Terrain
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I will be putting a set on Wed! I have a buddy who runs them on his Chevy and says it is the best tire he has every had.
I believe 54Warrior runs these tires. He may have some insight for you....
Nope, I use the Cooper Disco S/T tires. This will be my third set, first two were on an S-10 ZR2 (31x10.50's). I got 45k and 50k out of those first two sets. I've put about 5k on these new ones (35x12.50-17's) and they look like brand new, which they should. Anxious to see how well these hold up on a larger, heavier truck.

I have had great luck with other cooper tires that I've owned as well.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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