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Tire rubbing

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Today I bought a set of 18" helo maxx6 rims and wrapped them in 33 x 12.5 mud grapplers (Ill try to get some pics tommarow when its day light). I noticed when i got home that if I turn the wheel all the way to one side they will barley touch the back of the finder wall. Will this hurt anything? I drove it all day long and never felt it rub, but looking at it at the house when the wheel is turned all the way it will bearley touch. They were expensive tires so i dont want to mess um up, or my truck for that matter.

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trx4life said:
few quick pics i grabbed this morning. Ill take some better ones after i wash it.
What size wheel and tires are these?

I'm going with 17" Centerline and largest M/T tires I can find. I've got the 6" lift already.
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