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Tire shop rant...

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So, after BoondockTitan told me about using a rubberband so the center caps don't rattle, i decided to take off the wheels/tires and do it. Well, did i find a surprise or two!!
I thought the local tire shop (Big D Tire) that did the work was a quality joint, apparently their quality control is lacking...

When i took the rear driver's side off, one of the lugs wasn't as tight as it should have been. Then, the rear passenger's side, two weren't as tight, and one i could have taken off with my fingers! The front passenger side was next, and lo and behold, not only was one of them loose, but there was a lug nut MISSING!! At this point i'm seriously p$ssed off. So finally the front driver's side. Guess what two lugs could have been removed by hand!!

The place closes at 5, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow morning. Which is probably a good thing cause i'm too jacked up right now to talk with any civility.

So the way i look at it, they owe me a set of lugs (cause i'm assuming you can't buy just one), and an apology for potentially killing me. I just got back from several decent length trips where i was going 65-70 miles per hour. If a wheel fell off, i might not be here right now ranting. lol.

In any event, they will never touch my vehicle again..

Thanks for listening...

Breath in...Breath out...Breath in...Breath out...Breath in...Breath out...
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Yes, i stopped back and they supposedly re-torqued everything. BTW what size are the lug nuts (thread, etc...)? Thanks.
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