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Tire sizing after 5100's

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Surely someone has posted about this and I just can't find it.

Truck is a 2011 pro 4x bone stock. Just wanting to level out (more or less using the bils 5100) and whatever tires I can on stock rims. Preferably a bigger size toyo open country or similar. Anyone know what would make this thing look best for what I'm doing? Thanks
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Regardless of level at 1" or 1.5", you're limited to a 33" tire. That's the same height as the 275/70R18s which came on the truck. You could go wider, to a 305/65 (12x33) or a 325/60 (13x33) but with either you might need to do a little PWM. With the 325, I'm betting you'll need to do some cutting of the pinch weld. And the 325 is too wide for the OEM rim, so you'd need a wider rim to really make those work.

To go much taller than 33", you need 4-6" of lift.
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