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Tires - Anys Suggetions?

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I need to replace the Goodyear SR-A's (P26570R18's) and before I do I wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to a different tire brand they seem to like better? I am not unhappy with Goodyear but the tires seem to wear quickly. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
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Do you offroad, and if you do, what type of terrain, i.e. sharp rocks, sand, mud etc. ?

If mostly on road, many members like the Bridgestone A/T Revo. It's a passenger rated tire for most sizes. Lightweight too so your gas mileage won't go south.

I ran BFG AT KOs a light truck tire, very good for on road and off. But their last 10K-15K miles are very slick in the rain, but they last most people 50k-60K miles so maybe not a big deal. I'm having to buy new tires and maybe put my KO's back on if the new ones wear out at the beginning of the dry season. Many also like the Nitto Terra Grappler AT.

I'm buying some Toyo A/Ts next week. edit: got the Toyo M/T ... casing is a newer, rounder - smoother design.

For the LT version of 17" size they have a 40K mile tread warranty, but none for LT 18s. P-metric passenger versions get a 50K mile tread warranty, and this includes the 18s, (that's how I read it anyway).
I have the Bridgestone AT Revo do all highway driving rotate at 5K and at 30K they are trash. Would also like some suggestions
You can try the Toyo A/Ts out for 45 days or 500 miles and get a refund if you hate them. Plus with the warranty I mentioned above, at least you can get the tread life pro-rated, so if the wear out at 30K miles they'll give you 2/5 off your next set, or similar. [Only for the P-metric sizes, 40K miles on 17s and below on LT sizes].

They, Toyo, also has an Open Country HT, (highway tread), with a 60,000 mile treadlife on their P-metric sizes! [But only workmanship on their LTs ... even the 17s and smaller]. These also have the 45 day or 500 mile trial.
I have the REVOs ans love them!!
I have had Nitto Graplers ATs on for about a month now and did a fair bit of traveling for Turkey day. I like them so far! Before that I've always been a Bridgestone Dueller guy and I really like those too! I've heard good things about Toyos and the BFG's will be the most expensive but are also a quality tire.
I've been running the Cooper Discoverer ATR and absolutely love them. Very decent tire for the buck. If I remember correctly, they were $135 a piece mounted and balanced.

I have 20,000 miles on them and well over 50% tread remaining.
If it is off-road with good road manners you are looking for I found Interco Trxus M/Ts are great. I have about 5k on them with no problems. Where the BFG (stock on off-road package) needed 4x4 to get my out the Intercos go thru in 2wd....
I am in the start of a Canadian winter here and the handling on ice is incredible for a off-road tire.....but that may not concern you :jester:
What type tire are you looking for? I just put on the Dueler Alenzas a couple months ago, far superior to the SRA's in the wet and they are rated a 60,000 mile tire.
BigA said:
What type tire are you looking for? I just put on the Dueler Alenzas a couple months ago, far superior to the SRA's in the wet and they are rated a 60,000 mile tire.
the Dueler Alanzas that i just put on are rated at 65,000 a tire.
bridgestone dueler is my next tire ive still got the factory goodyears and i dont like them that much much but they're o.k. i have a buddy that put the duelers on his ford ranger and they are great to look at as well as perform almost anywere you need them
I have the bridgestone duelers and love them
Toyo H/T all the way!!!! A great tire for less money.
Pro Comp AT's - great tire, competitive price.
Any suggestions for 20"s? Not sure whats the biggest size tire I should get for an 2005 XE, It has the 2.5 procomp leveling kit.
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