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CaliforniaTitan said:

I echo Piston Pete's comments. It is refreshing to find other model truck owners that aren't just out to bash other makers and can appreciate the good things in others as well.

I too am like you. I surf many other boards as well and read a lot of threads pertaining to cars, trucks and motorcycles. Basically, anything that moves...LOL LAtely I have been spending a lot of time on the RV boards getting info on a Travel Trailer for me and momma and that is already paying off big time. We looked at one locally that the dealer wanted almost $20k for. Through my use of the boards, I found this same model from a wholesale dealer for $13.5! When its time, you can be sure who I am gonna buy from....LOL


California Titan,
Can you send me some of the RV links you are looking at? I'm interested in getting a small travel trailer after looking at some at a boat show last week. Wow have things changed with travel trailers since our family had one in the early '70's.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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