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BudmanHemi said:
Hemi-Rhoid Let me cool off abit :smoke: LOL! Us Dodge guys are not that bad, we are just very brand loyal. We do get alittle cocky sometimes though. LOL Titans are a super nice truck, and its nice too see imports step up, and add some power too there reliability. I wish you guys the best with your purchases. I deliver for Mopar, but alot of dealers are Mopar/Nissan dealers, so i see your trucks all the time, plus all others. If anyone has any questions about your trucks, i would be happy too ask some mechanics i know personally for ya. Not sure if i can get the right answers, but it never hurts too ask. Have fun guys.

thanks for your time and interest. i almost bought a dodge i had just heard reports of really bad gas mileage and valve spring concerns. i did drive the hemi and know first hand the hemi is powerful but detuned in someway or something. the power seems limited until about 3000 rpms. but anyways thanks for your unbiased opinions as i see things a lot like you. :cheers:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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