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Titan 04 shooting white smoke out of exhaust on startup

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My Titan 04 is blowing shooting white smoke out the exhaust on startup and I read on here some same issues other truck owners are having. We took it in and they said that it might need a new engine but they need to do a test first to see if the "caps" or "cats" were sucked into the engine and if so then we need a new engine. How can that be. Granted it is a 04 at 90,000 miles but we take good care of it and seem to have nothing but issue after issue. One of the more major issues that we have had is that it was leaking fluid and as soon as we got the leak fixed the tranny started slipping and we needed to replace that. Now this! I read that this engine issue is not common but has happened with the Titan due to Nissan not wanting to install ER valves when they are built. If that is so and it is a noted problem, how can Nissan ignore that it is not a consumers fault and just fix it or recall them. Mine is out of warranty! Any suggestions????
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Yes it only does it upon start up then goes away. But no loss of power. Im really hoping that the engine does not need to be replaced as in some of the other Titans that have posted on here that had the same issue. But the dealer said that was a possibility but wont know until they run some $400 test on it. Insane.
No it has only done it twice. So the 2nd time it happened we took it to the dealer and thats when they told us that they needed to run that test thats going to cost like $400 and they said most likely it needs a new engine and that would be like $12,000. So we left and are now having someone else look at it. Plus, about 3 months ago we had a oil leak and they replaced both VCG. PCV valve and the oil housing seal. So not sure if it would be the gaskets at this point. Im just hoping that it doesnt need an engine because we are out of warranty. But how can they not replace it if thats what it needs if its due to a manufacture warranty with the engine in the first place?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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