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Titan 2008 Bumper questions

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Hey guys I was just wondering if the 2007 3pc bumpers fit the 2008 models. Also if they do are there other years (i.e.: 2006, 2004,) that fit the 2008 models bumper also? Thanks for the help
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hey guy, do you have a 3pc bumper now or changing over from a XE style bumper cover?
The 2008 bumper looks the same and could probably swap, but theres different part no's for the bumper, if you're going to put the 08, get the brackets as well because those are different as well. I just put the 2008 Armada front end on my 2006.....
Thanks for your help, I have a 2008 titan with a 3pc bumper. I was looking to get a whole new 3pc set because my truck is black and the bumper/bumper ends are Dark Grey. I dont know why the factory would put an off color bumper (looks kinda funny) but thats how most of the '08s look that ive seen. So anyway i just want to switch the bumper ends and the middle section. I want the middle to be chrome and the bumper ends to be black to match my truck. Could you guys maybe direct me to a site that has 2008 bumpers/bumper ends? Or could i go ahead and buy a 2007 or 2006 kit?

dimensionz you said the 08 bumper worked on your 06 but does that work vice versa??
Yes, the '08 XE Titans have smoke front bumpers as many of you have noticed, and that is not a mistake. Yeah, it threw me off too when I first saw them at work.

The '07 and '08 bumpers have different part numbers because the end caps are defferent between the two years, but I don't remember if that also affects the bumper as well. The most most noticeable difference between the two years is the hole of the fog lamps in the end caps.
AH.. ok. well does anyone know where I could get a smoke replacement end bumper for an 2008 or even a black 3pc. replacement set?
Will the 2008 bumper caps fit on the older model's bumper (SE and LE)? If so, will the older fog lights fit in the newer bumper caps?
thebassn8tr said:
Will the 2008 bumper caps fit on the older model's bumper (SE and LE)? If so, will the older fog lights fit in the newer bumper caps?
The end caps will fit on the older models, before I considered the 08 Armada front I converted the ends to the 08 style just for the foglamp cutouts...the foglamps fit the same....
O yea btw, I do have a 2008 titan SE not XE.. and can some1 answer my questioN? or do u not know?
dude, all the replacment bumper ends come unfinished, in the antricite gray color, gray dull plastic you'll have to get htem painted to what color you want wether it's the smoke or black.
O yea, and i really didn't mean to sound rude in the last post.. I just read it and kinda noticed.... but yea i hear ya. Do you have any good links to a titan replacement and/or mod parts site?
You have an 08 SE and you your entire bumper is grey? No chrome in the middle? If this is the case I dont know what happened because all SE and LEs come with chrome grille and bumper except the Pro-4 which all comes painted to match. Anyways if the bumper is all one color than its a 1 piece and you cannot just switch the end caps.
OK maybe this will help.. I have a black 2008 nissan titan SE. For some reason, The 3pc. bumper AND grille does not match the rest of the black truck. Most titans have chrome on the grille and on the middle piece of the bumper and the end caps match the paint. Well my 3pc. bumper is grey on every piece and my grille is also grey... I was just wondering if someone could direct me to a site where i can get black endcaps and a chrome middle piece and chrome grille.
We understand what you are saying Im just wondering why your truck is like that. Only 2008 XEs come like that, look at the nissan book and all SEs come with chrome, so Im just curious if you actually got an XE or maybe somebody bought an XE and wanted chrome and switched off yours. Either way Im almost positive your bumper is only 1 piece if there is no chrome on there, so you cant just buy the end caps. I have the chrome grille for an 08, ill take 40 + shipping.
thebassn8tr said:
Will the 2008 bumper caps fit on the older model's bumper (SE and LE)? If so, will the older fog lights fit in the newer bumper caps?
The 08 fog lights are the same one as the previous models.

Hey dimensionz, did the fender flares bolt right up or any modification?
Hi guys can someone tell me where I can buy a front bumper for a 08 and if the 07 fit on the 08
The 08's end caps are actually a little more rounded then the 07's.
08 XEs have 3 piece bumbers, the side pieces are plastic and the center is painted steel. You can but just the replacement chrome bumper and repaint your end pieces
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