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Titan 4WD advice

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I have a 2012 Titan SV. Very basic model and I love it. However I have moved from southern California to southwestern Washington state and I really need a 4WD due to the weather, off road needs and I have a new bass boat, a 2017 Skeeter ZX250. My SV tows it just fine but I have had some problems pulling the boat out of the water on more primitive ramps.

I need honest feedback as I don't know anything about 4WD. Do I want a Titan 4WD or should I be looking for something else? I understand the engine has changed in recent years and I should stick with more recent years. I will be looking for used. I see SV 4WD and Pro-4X. I don't usually pay for leather or bells and whistles.

Any advice on Titan 4WD would be most appreciated

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Yeah, you should only buy a 4x4 here in western WA. You'd have a pretty tough time finding a 2wd truck out here that's not a base work truck and the resale will be much higher.

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