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not hard to get stuck, try it. really.

our 2000 wranger sahara 4.0L (with only a rear lmited slip differential [LSD] and 30x9.5 tires) pulled three trucks in the past eight years.

all three rescued were pickups with 4x2, two of 'em with LSDs, the owners said. one of 'em was stuck on on a thin layer of ice...we used my tow strap and those fellers tow strap combined. one was on Black Sand Beach, south of Eureka. the other was in a ditch, in snow.

my new titan was the first 4x4 pickup i've ever seen stuck. with the conditions of the day i knew we may get stuck, but since people were around we drove around and pushed it bit. heck, why not.

not hard to get stuck, try it. really. try it where it's a two to three hours walk to the nearest phone. I never got cell phones to work "out there" and CB radios saren't all that reliable either.

a true off roader will have locking differential on both axles.

i'm not intresting crawing over big rocks, just pullin' through mud pools, snow, sand, and ice.

several times, we've seen older, "Big Three" trucks and big SUVs (that was out there alone) get stuck quite a ways deep in a national forests, but more so due to mechnical problem then from the wet/mud inclined terrain, so i resolved to spend the hard earned dough$ on a newer rigs that have reliable (like from a company like Nissan) reputation.

Titan's a heavy vehicle (and wide) for serious off road trail use. Titan will really benefit from mods (limited slips or lockers and a 11,000# winch) and equiment (at least a shovel, axe, and few slab of flat concrete-the garden varity. a $60 high lift jack's handly and tow strap is a must).

later, if i can not add the rear e-locker (it's about $1,000 to $1,500 installed per axle on other established brands) then i'll just buy the Titan Se that has.

what's great about our Titan is that the "Smoke Wagon" carries 50% more people & gear with a relative quite and comfortable/fast ride, for the hours on the highway before we even get to sand or mountain trails...and gets the same aweful mileage as the little '02 wrangler.

now, if i can raise that miserable mpg i'm getting. grrrr. :upsidedow
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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