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Titan / Armada Ram Mount Laptop Mount (Base Only)

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Hello all, I've got a Ram Mount Laptop Mount Base (Base Only) that should fit all Titans and Armadas. This is the base only, the part that mounts to the existing bolt holes on the front of the passenger seat. These bases sell for $55 - $60 new plus shipping. This one came out of my Titan when I traded it the other day. How about $35.00 plus shipping which would probably be around 10-15 bucks as it is quite heavy. For the quickest response, please email me at rubisco98 (at)

Located in Knoxville, TN

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I'll offer $35 shipped, if someone else offers more, that is fine. I'll need to repaint and add the rest of the system, so can not go higher. I used to have one for a laptop, excellent quality! I'll be using it to mount a touchscreen down low on the floor.
I'll take 35 shipped, sounds fair to me. I'll pm ya my paypal info
Payment sent. Thank you!
Got your payment while I was at the post office so I turned around and walked back in and shipped it right on to ya. I've got the delivery conf. number I'll try and remember to pm it to ya. Thanks, Rob
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I finally opened the box today, it arrived several days ago. Looks great, great deal! :)
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