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Titan Bed Tent Review

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I got this from a board member on here. Great guy, and shipped as promised. Look for your "Bonus" in the left by your screen name.

The tent is well thought out as many on here can attest. The thing is fairly simple to put up and even easier to take down. It fits perfect back in it's bag which fits nicely in the toolbox.

I read the instructions online a few days before the tent showed and never looked at again. If you have ever set up a tent you can do this. The instructions are there, in a little pocket in storage bag.

It took me about 20 minutes by myself taking my time. This can easily be done in the 10 minutes advertised your 2nd time and beyond. If you have a helper I would be surprised if it took 5. Plenty of room for either an air mattress, or a couple of cots. If you are gonna use cots, make sure you measure remaining room. I have the Utili-Track tool box and will only be able to use the 72" cot, not the usual length. Just a heads up. I will probably just use the queen sized air mattress I already have this time out though.

The use of a cot would enable you to use the space under it for storage of shoes, etc. and the top of the tool box for other items such as drinks etc...


If you happen to have the Crecw Cab with the LWB, you are Not going to have a covered entry through back window. Not a problem for me as I am beyone trying that feat at my age and gravity. LOL. The attached pictures will show it is roughly 2 feet short.

Also notice in the one where I had to "neck" for some length. This was due to a couple of factors. The tent is too short for my truck, and the N-Fab Bars wont safely allow the "clips" to fit between them and the truck without fear of breakage or scratching.

The "Inside the Bed clips" closest to the cab could not be fastened either due mainly to the tool box being installed. Not an issue as I was able to work it out as stated above.

Overall this is a great product. Works as advertised. Will be used well. Good overall layout and simplicity. I also would not have gone another route simply due to NOT having to unload the truck to put this in. No floor makes Life a Heckuva lot easier.


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it's a great product for sure and I love mine.

The one tip I may have mentioned in another thread is that the actual instructions are sewn into the bag it comes with. Once I found those it was cake :lol:

They do make other models for different vehicles and I think the LB version for a superduty may work for a LWB Titan.
a lwb crew cab has the same bed on it as a short bed king cab doesnt it? all you needed was a regular bed tent for a king cab truck and it should work unless the lwb crew cab has a 8 ft bed and then it would be one long....LONG....truck.
The CC LWB has a 7'3" bed I believe. This tent would be spot on for the 5.5 and 6.5 beds. I am not worried about it being a little short. I will use it and then probably sell it to the next guy.
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