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Titan Brakes

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I Have A 2005 Titan With 13000 Miles. Rotors Warped At 3000 Miles, Dealer Turned The Front Rotors At 6000 Miles. Rotors Warped Again At 10,000 Miles-dealer Turned Front And Back Rotors And Replaced All The Pads With A New Style Pad. Pedal Was Soft After The Second Fix-had Too Much Travel-dealer Could Not Find A Problem And Replaced The Master Cylinder. This Did Not Really Help-pedal Travel Is Still Much Greater Than Before The Second Fix. Truck Stops Well But I Am Concerned About The Pedal Travel. Any Help With This Problem Would Be Appreciated.
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Unfortunately, crappy brakes were a lowlight of the '04 and '05 Titans, with warped rotors the norm, especially if you towed. My '04 had the rotors turned at 6,000 miles and 25,000 miles, then had parts changed to the version on trucks built in late '05 at 50,000 miles. The truck was traded for an '08 at 85,500 miles and needed the warped rotors turned again when it was traded.
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