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I have two big dogs (Borzoi and Collie) and I am going home for the summer for two weeks and I need a camper shell for the truck. I have seen LEER, Snugtop, and ARE; and are there any others? I have a 2010 King Cab. I will probally leave it on. I might be deployed in Sept but I really just want something that is kinda aerodynamic and wont decrease the mpgs that much.

Yesterday I got the best miliage I have gotten in the truck going down to Richmond, VA I got 19.2 mpg and comming back I got less due to my soon to be ex wife getting in a car wreck and well I was worried a bit for some odd reason.

AVG right now is 16.2 mpgs for the past 5000 miles. Mostly city driving.

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