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titan clear corners?

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just curious since i'm not a big fan of the amber in the headlights. is there a way to get the amber out, i.e. are there clear corners for the titan?

p.s. the oven baking method is out of the question for me so dont bother suggesting it :)
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Well I changed my amber turn signal to chrome bulbs, so from the front I don't get the amber color but the amber reflector is still there.
I bought blue bulbs at checker auto zone and then painted my amber reflectors silver, here's a pic.. The bulbs were like 3$

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damnn advocate..
droped a bomb with that one!

$3 bucks and some silver spray paint never looked so good :)

what part do u ask for, ny truck is up for that!

question though, what color are your blinkers now?
would it work wit black spray paint too?
what if you used reflective tint?
I just went in and asked for a blue tinted turn signal bulb, the turn signals look bluish white they look awesome dude i like them a lot.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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