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Titan Emblem on Floor Mats, Curling up Fix!

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So it's cold and windy today up in the great Northwest, no better time than to spend a little time sprucing up the old Titan! One thing that has been driving me crazy for a while is the iron on "Titan" embroidered patch on my floor mats, the corners are peeling up! Here is a picture of the passenger side, but the drivers side was even worse as it obviously gets the most wear and tear.

I finally figured out a good method for repairing this problem that works pretty darn well if you ask me!

What you need:
Permatex 118DA Spray adhesive
Plastic Sandwich Bag
Household Iron

Simply spray a little adhesive on to the plastic bag and roll your toothpick in it. Then apply a small amount to the underside of the label and to the mat.

Make sure the iron is hot, I set mine to high. Drag the iron over the glued area for a minute or so and allow to dry for 30 minutes. When your done you label should be affixed better than new!

Hope this helps someone!!

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Good Job....
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