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Titan Hd???

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ok so here goes... today when i was at work my boss told me he saw a titan HD on the road. now before we all start calling BS he is a straight up guy and is really intelligent when it comes to vehicles. he owns a ARMADA and is looking into getting a TITAN in the near future so he is up to date with the truck platform. he said it was bigger then the titan and but looked very similar. the front end was noticeably different but was covered by tape, along with all the other emblems on the truck. he said the dead giveaway it was an hd was the 8 lug wheels on the truck.

i know NISSAN tests vehicles here in the desert because i see them like this every so often. i took this picture with my phone a while back in the parking lot of my work. i stood around and shot the $hit with the guy driving it for a while. he said he drives around a TITAN all day every day as his job.


anyways i hope its true and we will see more spy photos of them sometime soon.
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you should have taken the tape off the tailgate:jester:
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