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Titan is making a click sound when trying to start?

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Recently my truck is giving me problems when I try to start it. When I turn the key it makes a click sound and wont start, it will do this a few times before I finally get it to start. My battery is only few months old, so I doubt its because of a weak battery. Has anyone experience this beofore? Can anyone help me? My Titan is a 2005 CC. I just had a recall on the ECM which the dealership just repaired a few weeks ago.
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Gonna need a new starter. I drove mine for over a year before it got to the point (20+ Key turns before starting) that I was convinced I would be stranded. Starter is buried under the intake manifold. Don’t attempt doing it yourself unless you are comfortable with wrenching.

I did mine today. It’s tight, but doable. They bolts holding the starter on are the biggest PITA. I eventually used a hammer to the ratchet to break them loose.

Good Luck. There are some solid write ups in the forums.
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