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Titan No More!

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Well, the Titan is gone! For you guys following my threads, I had rear diff seal leaks that the dealer would not replace under warranty, claiming too much fluid in the diff and the PML cover as the cause. They categorically denied that the vent is not a good design and is the likely cause. I have had this truck at the dealer six times since new for work, the first time I have had to have warranty work on a new truck since 1990 when I bought my first new vehicle, and Isuzu Trooper. Had a Mazda, A Chevy, and a Tacoma. Wife has had a Galant, Jetta, Audi, Sequioa, and a Forester. The rear diff has been getting slowly louder with the drivetrain whine for the last four months, and again, the dealer says that it was normal. So, it was time to move away from a brand that hides the weenie when problems arise.
I would strongly suggest that anyone in the Northern Kentucky area avoid Kerry Nissan, and from this experience Nissan in general. The engine, transmission, and looks sold me on this truck, but all the cheap plastic exterior parts and the rear diff have had me tense since about 40,000 miles, just waiting for a problem to arise. I traded it for a 2007 Honda Ridgeline, and even though it is a little quirky looking, once you drive or ride in one you will realize they are onto something with the functionality, ride, and comfort level in this vehicle. I'm giving up 52 HP and 100 ft/lb torque, but the boat only weights 3,200 loaded, and we only have two one-way 140 mile trips a year pulling the boat, so it should be okay.
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Sorry to hear about your trouble, you should have come across the river to Kings Nissan, they are great at fixing problems under warrenty.
Sorry to hear about your issues. I'm keeping my truck, thanks....

Oh, and I hear Bed Bath & Beyond has some bítching trash cans that look just "nifty" in those Ridgelines.... :lol:
Sweet, dude. My mom drives a Ridgeline. She loves it...thinks it's "cute."
"Cute" being used to describe my Titan might be the only thing that would make me want to ever sell it. :rofl: I don't think I'll have to worry about that!
Sorry you had such bad luck with your rear.......

Hope the Honda does well for you.
I would be wary of putting core small blocks in the back.
When are you going for the CAI and the mini lift?
TitanTailGator said:
Sweet, dude. My mom drives a Ridgeline. She loves it...thinks it's "cute."
LMAO!!! :rofl: Subtle, very Subtle!!!!!
guys! give him a lil slack... some men are just in touch with there feminan side......
You all are merciless. I just want to know one thing, what's it do in the quarter mile?
OK guys, stop that sh!t at once.

if he had 3 posts prior to this then its warranted. however, 'deepwater has been a member here longer than most and as far as im concerned is well respected. im sure that many of the original 04 gang will chime in on this as well.

i, for one, can not say that i blame you one bit. if i were to have the problems and associated dealer issues that he had, i too would be looking elsewhere. i think that the ridgeline is a great vehicle for a mid-size truck and there is no arguing hondas reliability. car and driver just wrapped up a long-term test on one, and loved it.
Goathead, is this you????? :rofl:

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KYDeep, You did the right thing. Some of these trucks are problems and having a problem dealer makes it worse. I have been through all the diff problems and Nissan refusal to fix their screw ups. Some Titans seem to hold up pretty well while others seem to have a lot of problems. One thing for sure is Titans have a problem with diffs and brakes. 08 brakes look pretty good but I see no visible changes in the diffs. Personally, I may look at 09 or 2010 models. By then, we will know if the diff and brake problems are solved.
Congrats on the new ride. I'm sure it'll suit your needs, and give ya' less headaches.
well, you'll still be able to haul trash to the dump and groceries.

Hope it works out well for ya.
KYDeep - I am with you - my axle seal just went and I am getting ready to ditch the Titan - just don't trust it anymore and the lease is just about up.. It hasn't let me down - yet - but I don't want the 1st time to be at the wrong time. All the small problems are wearing on me. I don't think any other make of truck will be any better, though. So I am just going to continue leasing and dumping when the warranty is up.
Keane, I think you've hit the nail on the head when you stated you didn't think any other truck would be any better. I've had great luck with mine so far, and I've had great luck with both of the other Nissans I've owned. It really seems to be a hit or miss unfortunately, no matter who the maker is. Swear by them, or swear at them. :dunno:
keane, thats your number one problem right there, you commit to buying the Titan:jester:. I think they a bed tent for the Ridgeline, that would be a great mod if anyone is interested. Honda's are some very reliable brand but in a truck form? NO. My wife wanted one but only thing that saved me was if only seats five.

Sorry that your time with the Titan was such a bummer:

But the Ridgeline. . . I just don't know.


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