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Titan OEM grill parts

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I have some chicom grille on my 2006 Titan that the brackets holding it to the truck are starting the crack and break. I bought it used this way 4 years ago. Whoever had it put "L" shaped backets on the bottom of the grille in 2 places and used sheet metal screws the secure it down, and another 2 bolts holding on the the headlights. The sheet metal screws fall out every now and then and now the "L" brackets are starting the break. I have sourced a free grille from another 2006 Titan, however, its missing a few things.

There are 2 plastic "wings" or "flashing" that fit on the top left and right of the grille. I cannot find those separately unless I buy a complete grille assembly. I also need to find some plastic clips. They have a square head with a slot in the middle....kind of like a screw for a flat head screwdriver.

I believe that is all I need to replace the POS grille with an OEM grille.

Anyone know a source on where to buy these at?

Would like to sell or trade-in my faithful Titan at some point. Don't want it looking like it had a bunch of parts replaced.

Plastic "flashing" and clips:
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Found the clips...

Just need the plastic parts for the grille...and I *think* thats it

Nissan Grille Clips 76882-0M060
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