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Titan owners with 4" lifts...

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I have been flirting with the idea of a 4" lift for a long time now, and I now have the opportunity to get pretty much any parts at cost (rather than retail), since my old boss is now running a dealership that is a new ford dealer, but also specializes in custom trucks (lifts/drops/exhausts/etc).

Here's the thing, my truck is still primarily a commuter, but also a weekend toy. I don't do any rock crawling or extreme off road stuff, but would like a kit that handles well on and off road. What lift for a 4x4 would you guys recommend? Also I have the same needs for tires (fairly quiet/smooth on road, and good all season performance). What size/brand of tires are you guys running?

Post pics if possible...

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Just get the PRG upper arms and Custom Valved SAW's from PRG (Greg).

Absolutly love my setup, did very good last weekend at the So Cal Titan meet. it also feels alot better on the road (although I have gotten used to it now) I didn't have the most crazy lifted truck or anything and the 6" lift is also very nice but for the money the 4" with 33" tires is an excelent way to go. Not sure if you can get the PRG version of the shocks at cost or not, but it is definately worth the money.

My truck is sort of a creeper. The lift isn't huge, and it does have Mud tires but other than that I like to keep everythign functional including usualy being able to fit in parking structures etc when I go downtown. I did not crank the preload to 4" but Greg leveled the truck for me.

So I have DR rears and shocks and PRG upper arms (They are also worth the extra cost over the camburgs). I'm thinking about adding some air bumps but not sure yet.

If I was going to change my lift for another one, the only thing I would consider is the Mid Travel Kit from Greg.
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