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I started out the day coming down my long, steep, ice-coated, North facing driveway. It had been warm the night before and then it snowed. The first snow melted, and then froze, and then it snowed on top of the ice. It was literally so slick I couldn't stand up. I had the Titan in 4WD Lo - 1st and it was still a little fast. So, not having had a vehicle with anti-lock brakes before, and wanting to see how they work, I mashed the brakes. Notwithstanding the ABS brakes, the Titan slid like a big sled, nice and straight, until it got to the bottom of the driveway and regained traction on the street.

The day warmed up real nice, and as I was leaving a job site, there was a Jimmy, an Explorer, and a 2WD Dodge truck all stuck in a big mudhole. The Jimmy ended up with it's tail pipe broken off from the mount and with the end bent down and stuck a few inches into the mud, plugging it so the vehicle wouldn't even start. (Be careful backing up in those mudholes!) So the tow truck came and hauled the Jimmy off, and pulled the others out. With the tow truck already on hand, I decided to test the Titan in the mudhole, and it made it right on through, no problems whatsover. This may have been largely a function of the off-road package tires, but I was happy anyway.

Now I have some time today to wash the mud off.
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