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Titan Pro-4X Fender Flares

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These OEM flares came off a 2008 long bed Titan and are in perfect shape. No deep scratches or dents that would mar their appearance. They are currently painted a metallic black, but you could buff them with some sand paper and paint them whatever color you want. I think Krylon makes a paint especially for plastic for about $4 a can. I have already filed down the fender mounting brackets so they are ready to be painted the color of your choice, put the 3M tape on, and mount them on your truck. I do not have any mounting screws, just the flares.

If you price these flares through online part sites, they will run you between $105 - $115 dollars a piece - not including shipping, which is very high given the dimensions of the box you need to ship them in! Anyway, I will sell mine for $225 for the entire set, which includes shipping via USPS to anywhere in the continental US. I can drop the price some more if you want to come by and pick them up. I take Paypal, but I would prefer a check or MO so I don't get eaten up with PayPal charges. If we do Paypal, add $10 to the price.

Please keep in mind, if your Titan does not have the side tool box, these flares will not work! Send me a PM with any questions or you can email me at [email protected]


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New Price!

Price drop. I got a better deal on shipping. $225 TYD anywhere in the continental US.
Bump. :hi:
I'd be all over this if it were for non-toolbox.

I'd be all over this if it were for non-toolbox.

And as close as you are I could have saved you some shipping too! :bump:
hi will they fit the crew cab short box model or just long box model
hi will they fit the crew cab short box model or just long box model
My Titan is the crew cab, short box, so yes they should fit.

You will not, however, be able to use your factory mud flaps along with the flares unless you get find someone that will sell you a set of the shorter mud flaps that come standard on the Pro-4X model Titans.
Come on guys, someone buy these!!! I'd buy them if I didn't already have a set of them on my 04 Crew Cab........

It's not everyday that these flares come up for sale.....

Bump Bump For A Great Price & Great Looking Flare!!!!
SOLD! :)

Congrats Hook 'em
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Cant wait to get these on!
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