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Titan rear ABS sensor c1101

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Maybe someone out here has had this issue.

Getting c1101 on the rear right sensor.

I have diagnostics and sensor tool. So I have checked the sensor and it pulses as it should. I simulated the sensor and was able to read the speed on the live data from the diagnostics tool. However when I read the live data from the vehicle in normal operation, I do not get a speed reading from that wheel. Voltage checks performed and I have 11.5 volts on the sensor connector which matches the other side. Tool indicates no shorts or opens.

Not sure what else to check, seems it should be working.
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Had battery tested and it passed. I stumped because the computer reads the speed from the test unit and the test unit indicates the sensor is functioning. Curious if any experts out there have additional ideas. Thanks.
Also let me add one more indicator. After clearing the code it will reappear as soon as you crank the truck. You do not have to put it in gear or move the wheels.
I disconnected the main harness connector to the rear located behind the passenger front wheel and reconntected it. This resolved the issue. Even though it was closed it must have had a bad connection.
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