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Titan Sidekick - Fuel Transfer Tank made by Titan Fuel Tanks

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I posted this in What Did you do to your Titan today, but I wanted to make it easier to find as I could not find anything on it when I searched. So here is the post again.

Installed Transfer Fuel Tank. This is a Titan Fuel Tanks (no relation) Sidekick tank. It is designed and certified for gasoline. But you could also use it for diesel or DEF. On the inside of the tank and below where the wire mounts there is a stainless threaded rod that runs from the top to the bottom of the tank to deal with any internal static electricity generated from sloshing. Then it is grounded to the body with the wire you see. Solid construction. Holds 15 gallons and comes with a shaker siphon. I am regularly getting fuel rewards points at Safeway etc and wanted more capacity to maximize the value of the discount. Plus more range for this gas hog. Now with a total of 43 gallons it gives you the ability to fill up on the California border and drive to LA and back without having to buy gas in California at their dollar per gallon premium over Arizona. At only 12mpg you can get 500 miles on a tank.

The tank would not fit turned around the other way where the filler was closer to the cab and ahead of the wheel well. If you have anything longer than the CC short bed you could put it ahead of the wheel well instead of behind it. It will mount to either side of the bed as well. They say if you have a 8' long bed you could fit 4 of them in the bed of one truck and not lose ability to haul 4'x8' plywood etc. It would be easy to move to a new vehicle should you replace your truck and will fit tacoma size trucks as well.

I have a Diamond Back aluminum truck cover that I plan on re-installing. I will likely have to mount it where I drill through side rails.

This is the best option for more fuel capacity we have. It is the equivalent of 3 Jerry Cans and takes up much less space. Siphon should make it quick and easy to transfer.

It is funny "Titan Fuel Tanks" have no dedicated options for a Titan!!!


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