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TITAN stuff 4 sale again

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1) stainless steel lund hood interceptor for sale. item was 119.00 new 3 months ago. item removed b/c i added a billet grille and it looks quite gay to be honest. will take 1/2 of what i paid + shipping.

2) brand new stock 06 Titan SE offroad wheel/tire combo. other wheels tires sold as a set this summer, forgot about the spare. have the one to sell. never been removed from under truck $80.00+ shipping. local pickup preferred due to weight.

3) Front rancho shocks removed from OR titan after about 9K. $40 + shipping.

4) oh forgot about the speakers. 2 12" JL audio speakers. great condition hardly ever used. wont fit in my sub enclosure. i have a reg bandpass box i can put speakers in(more like for a jeep or suv though.) would be willing to trade as well for smaller speaks. asking 150+ shipp for speaks and box, but very heavy so local pickup probably better.

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Titanup07 said:
what kind of jl audio subs?

2 be completely honest with you man, im not sure, i can take photos if youd like. they are about 2 years old. been sitting in my garage ever since i got my i was going to get a box made for them, but they are 12's and i got a king cab, so im finally selling them. all jokes aside they were probably played for 3 months in my jeep cherokee before i got the titan, but all the same they are a few models old..... lmk
DaddyG said:
Can you put up a pic of the hood?

post pics as soon as i can but hood interceptor may already be sold!! ill let you know.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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