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The following is a list of common acronyms, abbreviations, or slang often used here at Titan Talk. These words are Titan, truck, or automotive related terms. To make an addition or correction to the list, simply reply or PM me.

Web site/Web Forum terms and acronyms are listed separately at the bottom.

(in alphabetical order)

2WD: Two Wheel Drive

4x2: Two Wheel Drive

4WD: Four Wheel Drive

4x4: Four Wheel Drive

ABS: Anti-lock Brake System

ABLS: Active Brake Limited Slip

AFR: Air/Fuel Ratio

AWD: All Wheel Drive (usually refers to a full-time transfer case)

BCM : Body Control Module

brake judder: Brake pedal pulsation, caused by warped rotors

BT: Big Tow package

CAI: Cold Air Intake

cap: capacitor, also can refer to a bed cover

cat: catalytic converter

cat-back: an exhaust system that replaces all factory parts from the catalytic converters back.

CC: Crew Cab

CEL: Check Engine Light

CST: California Super Trucks (suspension manufacturer)

CTD: Cummins Turbo Diesel

CV: Constant Velocity, as in CV Shaft or CV Joint

DCX: NY stock exchange symbol for DaimlerChrysler

diff: differential

DIN: the standard 2" size stereo head unit (1.5DIN is 3" and 2DIN or Double DIN is 4")

DMM: Digital Muliti-Meter

DOHC: Dual Overhead Cams

DR: Donahoe Racing (aka DRE, shock and coilover manufacturer)

dyno: dynamometer

e-locker: electronic locker, a differential that is locked electrically

ECM: Engine Control Module

EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection

FFV: Flexible Fuel Vehicle

FI: Forced Induction (super-charged or turbo-charged)

FWD: Front Wheel Drive

HID: High Intensity Discharge

HP: Horse Power

HU: Head Unit (car stereo)

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

IFS: Independent Front Suspension

IRS: Independent Rear Suspension

KC: King Cab

LSD: Limited Slip Differential

LTPWS: Low Tire Pressure Warning System

MAF: Mass AirFlow sensor

mod: modification

MPG: Miles Per Gallon

MPH: Miles Per Hour

MY: Model Year

NA: Naturally Aspirated (non Forced Induction)

NAV: Navigation, usually refering to the factory NAV option.

OBD: On Board Diagnostic (aka OBD-II)

OE: Original Equiment

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

OHC: Over-Head Cam

OR: Off-Road package

PC: Pro-Comp (suspension/wheels/tire manufacturer)

posi: posi-traction (limited slip differential)

pumpkin: differential

PRG: PreRunner Greg

PSI: Pounds per Square Inch

reso: resonator

RF: Rockford Fosgate

RWD: Rear Wheel Drive

SAS: Solid Axle Swap (replacing IFS with SFA)

SAW: Sway-A-Way (shock and coilover manufacturer)

SC: Supercharger

SES: Service Engine Soon

SFA: Solid Front Axle

SOHC: Single Overhead Cam

SRA: Solid Rear Axle

SRS: Supplemental Restraint System (air bags)

SS: Stainless Steel

SSV: Speed Sensitive Volume

TB: Throttle Body

TBI: Throttle Body Injection

TBS: Throttle Body Spacer

TC: Turbocharger

TC(A): Total Chaos (Arms)

TPI: Tuned Port Injection

TPM: Tire Pressure Monitoring system

TPS: Throttle Position Sensor

TQ: Torque

TSB: Technical Service Bulletin

TT: Twin Turbocharger; also can mean Travel Trailer

VDC: Vehicle Dynamic Control

VTEC: Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (Honda proprietary)

VVT: Variable Valve Timing (generic)

WOT: Wide Open Throttle

Titan Talk Website Terminology

AFAIK: As Far As I Know
AFK: Away From Keyboard
BNIB: Brand New In Box
BTW: By The Way
Bump: Posting in a topic to show it as active.
FS: For Sale
FT: For Trade
FTW: For The Win
FWIW: For What It's Worth
FYI: For Your Information
GB: Group Buy
IIRC: If I Recall Correctly
IM: Instant Message (AIM, ICQ, etc.)
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
JMO: Just My Opinion
LNIB: Like New In Box
LOL: Laugh(ing) Out Loud
Mod: Moderator
NIB: New In Box
NSFW: Not Safe For Work (probably don't want to look at it while at work)
NWS: Not Work Safe (see above)
OTD: Out The Door
PM: Private Message
PS: Photo-Shop
QFT: Quoted For Truth
ROFLMAO: Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
STFU: Shut The F*ck Up
Troll: Someone who posts only to cause trouble; troublemaker
TTT: To The Top (bump)
WTB: Want To Buy
WTT: Want To Trade

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baseballfanz said:
What about MAF? and mod can also be moderator

Thanks, added. Moderator was listed at the bottom under the website terms.

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TBS - Throttle Body Spacer

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What about "bump, bump" or "your bumped" when somebody reponds to a FS listing, Does that mean interested or done deal or what exactly?

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TitanBlue said:
What about "bump, bump" or "your bumped" when somebody reponds to a FS listing, Does that mean interested or done deal or what exactly?
They're bumping the thread to show that it's active on the New Posts and Active Topics lists. I'll add "bump" to the glossary.

BTW; no need to bump this topic, it's stickied.

PS: Several new terms added while I was here.

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thx P's!
now that i got the dealer to install dem foglights, im gonna have to get em modified to run with my running lights. cant understand why w my Altima i had that option, but NOT with the Titan.

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HU = Head Unit (I am guessing from reading posts). This is the dashboard center radio/Nav unit.

ATP = Automatic Transmission Park? This light comes on if you did not fully put the transmission in park and start the vehicle. It went out for me after I shifted into 4WD and back to 2WD.
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