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2007 Titan 4x4 with tow pkg and all the trimmings, etc. 71k miles (it's a traveler)

Was on trip to TN recently with bike in tow on trailer. Last night there, loaded everything up and had the truck parked facing "downward" on a fairly steep driveway (made for loading the bike much easier). Put the emergency brake on just as a precaution and went to bed. Next morning, started up and noticed right away that the truck was in 4x4 mode WITHOUT the knob turned to it. Turning the knob back and forth, the truck on/off several times, etc. did nothing at first and I had to limp it down the mountain since we had checked out of our place. Scoured the internet and finally found somewhere a sequence of turning the truck off/on while fiddling with the knobs that eventually got me back into 2x2 mode and I made the 9hr drive home. The truck has not done it since then. Took it to the dealer and had some servicing done, and they looked it over while there citing that they couldn't find anything wrong. I inquired about the mechanic bulletin (not a recall) back in like 2009 about some sensor known to have gone bad on a few, but they said not an issue with mine.

Sound familiar to anyone else? Dealer basically says "drive on" and come back if it does it again. That's great in theory, but what if next time I'm in B.F.E. travelling and the nearest mechanic is a 100 mile tow? (With could happen, haha). TIA for any input!
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