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Titan would not start

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I love my 2004; it is one of the most reliable vehicles I have owned. But... this morning I went to the nursery to get some gravel. When I got home, I backed the truck up to where I could shovel out the gravel. A couple of hours later, I asked my wife to move the truck out of the way so that I could finish my task. She could not get it started :crying: (and no, she did not pump the accelerator). I tried, after all I am a guy. It would turn over very fast but just would not start. It was not the battery. See I let it set for a couple of more hours :crying: then starting wondering how I was going to get it towed to the dealership.
The rest of the story... A couple of months ago, I was convinced I needed a hitch safe, spare key, and spare fob. I read up on it and very carefully reprogrammed and tested all three fobs myself. A locksmith cut a new key and using my key, programmed the new key. He did not have my wife's key.
I recalled this episode just as it was getting dark. I took my wife's key out of the ignition and tried my key. Vroom, just like normal.
Evidently all keys (as well as all fobs) must be reprogrammed at the same time. Note to self - do not do that again. :hat: It is back to the locksmith (or dealership - maybe they owe me a courtesy job) with all three keys this time. At least I now know that the security system works.
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bet you were like WTF?? i had to have my keys reprogrammed when i got my remote start installed, dealer called and said i should wait a little longer before coming in to pick it up. i didn't know the keys had to be programmed all at the same time, guess i will have to keep that in the back of my mind if i have to ever get them reprogrammed again.
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