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Started with a 6x12 enclosed trailer loaded up so full it made my old Frontier scream and bust its radiator. Couldn't even feel it behind me. (about 6K total)

Then pulled an old 5th wheel (2006 Cardinal) from August GA to Columbia SC and back around 10,000 lbs, had serious chucking from the goose-neck adapter and lack of bed stabilizer support. This is SC roads though and I-20 is a serious mess right now, at least they are actively working on it. Power was not an issue at all, in fact I had to keep reminding myself to keep it under 70 and that I was pulling something.

I did my homework, got an Andersen 5th wheel hitch, Air Lift 5000 Ultimate Jounce suspension and compressor.

Decided to bite the bullet and selling the used 5th wheel and purchased another 5th wheel, 2017 Keystone Montana High Country 345 RL from Macon and pulled it to Augusta. That was about 11500 dry and empty. Zero chucking, no issues with power, heck even had two stop lights on serious up hill slopes and didn't even break 2500 rpm accelerating at a fair pace up the incline. I don't know if the credit goes to the new hitch or the air bags but i loved it.

I know I was close to my limit but I truly didn't feel unsafe or stressed stopping or accelerating and my temps never moved on anything when pulling the Montana, we loaded it up, tipping around 12,540 and drove to Maryland, where we will be staying for 26 days (work). I will say this. Nissan has no clue what the limit should be with this truck. I have drove many large vehicles in the military from 5 tons to large buses. The 5th wheel experience with this truck was smooth. I have no worries that as long as I stay on top of maintenance and treat the Titan right it will be more than enough for this set up.

Very anxious to get started on my farm back in Georgia, will be adding a 60ish HP tractor to do some hay bailing next year and a flat bed trailer to pull them all around. I was initially concerned about this being enough truck for what I was going to be doing, but my big rig buddy ensured me this Cummins was as much truck as I would need in my near future. I am very glad, it was 20K less than the cost of the GMC 3500 I was looking at and half the cost of the Ford 350 (with so many less features on that Ford I have no idea what they are doing these days).

I must also not forget to mention that even though the Titan is huge, it still drives immensely better than the other big boys. I know its in the price range with well below the price range of the 150s/1500s but it performs with the 250s/2500s. Its a perfect truck for me right now and hits a great spot.

Other notes
Truck loves to cruise around 55-60, empty you can get 24 mpg the closer you stay to 55.
Truck with 12,500 ish pounds gets about 9.6 MPG doing 65-70 from August GA to Millersville MD.
Around town in and out of stuff being average about you foot on the pedal you will get more than 17 mpg which beats my old Frontier... sadly (Nissan needs to revamp the Frontier)
Highway doing 65-70 truck gets very inefficient compared to just 10mph slower you will get about 19mpg
Shifting from 2-3rd is "jumpy" empty and with a load, almost annoyingly so
When in tow mode, the engine will do 90% of the work most of the time when slowing down, I LOVE THIS! Especially in stop and go traffic!
Nissan doesn't have a company that is making 5th wheel hitches that will fit its puck system that I have found. This is the primary reason I went with Andersen hitch.
The truck is just awesome inside (SL package) I don't even use all the crap that is on that dash yet, and am trying to make my way through the manual. Its a bit silly i guess that I added air bag controller and gauges to my setup already when I don't have all the other fancy trinkets under my master yet.
The XD is LONG, I always park in the back of the lot and take up about 2' into the other space to keep my but out of the isle or back into a spot that has grass behind it or is on the edge of the lot.
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